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The Roark Cassius Knife - My New Daily Carrier

 It all started when my old knife broke... Before ordering the Roark Cassius Knife, I had never heard of the brand. I figured if Valhalla Pure Outfitters stocks it then it must be a reliable piece of equipment. That is the beauty of shopping with a place like VPO - their staff use the gear they stock and are as enthusiastic about such things a...

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The RUX 70L Storage System - More that a fancy bag...or box

You can never really know how a new product will hold up until you can put it through the paces. That means getting out and testing it where it will be used. What I mean is, often times we buy a product for what it can do but use it for much less that that. Take the RUX 70L storage system that I had the opportunity to test on a recent trip. The RUX...

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Don't Loose Your Cool - The Hydro Flask Down Shift Hydration Pack

When I started mountain biking, there were no hydration packs. It was the 90's, we barely had suspension let alone luxurious things like Strava! When it came to water we used to strap as many plastic water bottles to our bikes as we could, stuffing them full of ice in hopes of a cool mid-ride drink. I grew up riding mountain bikes in the South Okan...

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Field Tested: The Fritschi Tecton 12 and the Salomon S/LAB SHIFT MNC 13

Like many of you, we have been venturing into the backcountry more and more. After a few years of dipping off the backside of local resorts we have now got the backcountry bug and are finding ourselves being drawn towards quite walks up mountains with the promise of awe-inspiring vistas, fresh tracks and less people. But the question has always bee...

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2021 Ski Intro at Big White Ski Resort

It is that time of year again - the time when all the major ski manufacturers descend upon our local hill, Big White Ski Resort. We have been partaking in this ski intro since it began and this year was easily the most attended by ski companies. We were only up for the first day so we tried a few favourites and a few new models and then mostly scan...

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You saw this coming - SILKY GOMBOY 240 SAW

Disclaimer: Saw was purchase at retail price. It seems that there is nothing quite as handy as a pack-able saw  when you are out and about in the woods. On a bike, skis, or even walking.   Making quick work of a wooden obstacle is lovely.   Doing with so with comfort and ease is even better. Enter the Silky Gomboy...

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