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The RUX 70L Storage System - More that a fancy bag...or box

You can never really know how a new product will hold up until you can put it through the paces. That means getting out and testing it where it will be used. What I mean is, often times we buy a product for what it can do but use it for much less that that. Take the RUX 70L storage system that I had the opportunity to test on a recent trip. The RUX...

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The Bote Rackham Aero - My Perfect Adventure Paddleboard

So, I've had my eye on Bote boards for a couple years now. Seeing the promo for the Rover Aero zooming around the everglades really sparked my imagination with what could be possible on a stand up paddle board. Until now, my experience with SUPs was the discount item from a big box store. It got the job done, however it's not much of a quality item...

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