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Paddleboarding through the Fall Colours on Hydraulic Lake

Watching the weather and the calendar we attempted to time paddling amongst the Fall colours just right. A fools errand to try to predict the weather and nature at the same time but every so often you hit it just right.  For about a week and a half the messages had been trading on our group chat.  "What was the weather doing?  "How a...

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The Bote Rackham Aero - My Perfect Adventure Paddleboard

So, I've had my eye on Bote boards for a couple years now. Seeing the promo for the Rover Aero zooming around the everglades really sparked my imagination with what could be possible on a stand up paddle board. Until now, my experience with SUPs was the discount item from a big box store. It got the job done, however it's not much of a quality item...

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The RUX 70L Storage System - More that a fancy bag...or box

You can never really know how a new product will hold up until you can put it through the paces. That means getting out and testing it where it will be used. What I mean is, often times we buy a product for what it can do but use it for much less that that. Take the RUX 70L storage system that I had the opportunity to test on a recent trip. The RUX...

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Paddleboarding the Blue Waters of Belize

When we were packing for our trip to St. George's Caye Resort a thought occurred to me: I should bring my paddleboard. It is an inflatable SUP so it wouldn't be that difficult to pack my clothes around the gear and get on the plane. My very sensible wife convinced me that the resort had boards available and that I would be able to get on the water ...

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