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Paddleboarding through the Fall Colours on Hydraulic Lake


Watching the weather and the calendar we attempted to time paddling amongst the Fall colours just right. A fools errand to try to predict the weather and nature at the same time but every so often you hit it just right. 

For about a week and a half the messages had been trading on our group chat. 

"What was the weather doing? 

"How are the leaves on the trees looking? 

"When are you all available?"

"We have to get there before it snows"

The other trick in lining this sort of excursion up is the increasing rate with which the sun was setting each day. Fall was reaching it's apex and dusk was upon us sooner each day. We knew we had a short window between end of the work day and sundown but we decided to give it a go anyways.

We left the shores of Hydraulic Lake at about quarter to six in the evening. The light was vibrant. The sun gleaming off the surrounding autumn pallet gave everything a warm golden glow. It felt as thought this was the last warmth of Summer we were going to feel for many months. 

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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