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Family Outdoor Activities to do This Spring Break in the Okanagan!

Ahhhhh, Spring Break is upon us here in the Okanagan. Take a long, deep breath of that fresh BC air and think about all the fun things to do in your backyard. If you live here, you know that there is plenty to do, especially outside. If anything, this last year of "new normal" has taught us it is that there are so many places and activities we hadn...

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Don't Loose Your Cool - The Hydro Flask Down Shift Hydration Pack

When I started mountain biking, there were no hydration packs. It was the 90's, we barely had suspension let alone luxurious things like Strava! When it came to water we used to strap as many plastic water bottles to our bikes as we could, stuffing them full of ice in hopes of a cool mid-ride drink. I grew up riding mountain bikes in the South Okan...

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Instant Torque - Catching the Last Light of Fall Riding

The weather around here rapidly changed from Summer to Fall. The colours had only just started to change and there snow predicted next day. With a fever to test out some new camera gear the boys got their bikes ready in an instant for an afternoon adventure out on our trails. Good thing too. It snowed almost half a foot of fresh pow and now skiing ...

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Bike Big White 2020 Opening Day

We got the crew together to head on up to Big White for the opening of the 2020 Bike season.   A beautiful day. Great trail conditions.  Delicious pizza and beer at The Underground. 


1K A little bit of zen.

A little video love of one of our favorite short local trails.   Something about a trail with some flow, a nice tree canopy, and some beautiful weather.  Trail is about 1km from our house and about 1km long. Hence the name. Video credit:  @geoffholman  Website:


Dark and Stormy Riding the Big White Bike Park

It's been a rainy start to July but we aren't complaining. Here is BC we are nervous about forest fire season so any rain we get, we will take. That being said, sometimes it is hard to be motivated to go riding. Especially when the geniuses at The Weather Network can't seem to read their crystal ball right. Seriously, I think we were motivate to go...

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Opening Day 2019 at the Big White Bike Park!

The countdown had been on since the lift stopped spinning back in April. While we were wallowing in self pity over the ski season ending, the trail crew at Bike Big White got to work. And work they did because the trails were perfect for their 2019 opening day! Of course, we had the date on the calendar and skipped out on office work for a little b...

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Revival of a 90's mountain biker

I would ride a lot.... in 1998. Sublime and the Tea Party blaring from the CD player, hardtails were King, and my new custom built Fisher with 3 inch Bomber forks was top of the heap. Then, as life does, it moves on. I still stayed active and did tons of stuff outside, but biking took a back seat. The mountain bike was ridden less, and I got a comm...

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Riding into the Sunset on Knox Mountain

‚ÄčKnox Mountain Park is one of the greatest gifts to the people of Kelowna. I say gift but it was actually sold to the City of Kelowna for $1.00 in 1939. Later in 1967, a large donation was from the Simpson trust was used to pave the road and establish what we now know as Knox Mountain Park. I didn't join the history of this park until 1996 when I m...

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