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2021 Ski Intro at Big White Ski Resort


It is that time of year again - the time when all the major ski manufacturers descend upon our local hill, Big White Ski Resort. We have been partaking in this ski intro since it began and this year was easily the most attended by ski companies. We were only up for the first day so we tried a few favourites and a few new models and then mostly scanned the crowd for anything interesting. Overall I would say there are two themes: lighter, stiffer touring oriented skis that are more mid fat (around 99 to 108mm under foot) and also the concentration on skis that are more piste oriented. A fatter profile than a carving ski but with a considerable amount of sidecut. A few years ago is seems having a quiver was the name of the game. Now brands are searching for the magic formula to the 'quiver killer'!

2021 K2 Skis 

The K2 Reckoner Series: available in 102mm, 112mm and 122mm underfoot

2021 K2 Mindbender. Seen here in 108mm and 116mm underfoot. Available in skinnier sizes but we liked these for charging pow and freeriding all over the mountain.

2021 Volkl Skis 

2021 Volkl Bash and Volkl Revolt - New for 2021 is the addition of the Revolt 104 to go alongside the 121, 95 and 87. Also back with the badass park rat freestyle ski the Bash. Available in 86, 86w and 81.

​The 2021 Volkl Katana 102 and 108 alongside the 2021 Volkl Mantra M5. Classic Volkl all mountain feel in a variety of widths. Rule the mountain at a speed just faster than everyone else!

The super lightweight and crazy fast precision tool...The 2021 Volkl V Werks Katana! What a beast. Carbon fibre construction, ridge profile, lightning fast base and a perfectly shaped profile. I love it. You'll love it.

2021 Fischer Ranger Skis 

The beloved 2021 Fischer Ranger Series. A fan favourite from our crew for sure. The 2021 Fischer Ranger 107ti is probably the best shape in the line up for our tastes. It is wide enough for big guys on big days but has a nice side cut when the snow is a little more packed. Also in the line is the Fischer Ranger 102ti and the 115fr, 102fr and 102Wfr.

​Just look at that raw top sheet on the 2021 Fischer Ranger ti's purdy :)


Too delicious not to share. When you find yourself hungry while skiing Big White, do yourself a favour and ski right up to The Woods and grab a burger and a beer and enjoy the village vibe!

2021 Black Crows Skis 

The always playful and powerful Black Crows are back with the big boy 2021 Black Crows Nocta, the Anima (now with a layer of metal), the Anima Birde for the ladies and the Corvis.

2021 DPS Skis 

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