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The Roark Cassius Knife - My New Daily Carrier

 It all started when my old knife broke...

Before ordering the Roark Cassius Knife, I had never heard of the brand. I figured if Valhalla Pure Outfitters stocks it then it must be a reliable piece of equipment. That is the beauty of shopping with a place like VPO - their staff use the gear they stock and are as enthusiastic about such things as I am. When I am looking for something to suit my needs it isn't necessarily the brand I go after but the source that is recommending it to me. But this post is about my new knife so here it is...

Nice package

Now I know that the package doesn't really matter but how this knife is presented is just beautiful. Opening the box to find my new knife sitting there like a piece of fine jewellery is a nice touch. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere gives her the necklace.

Solid and oh so smooth 

The first two things I noticed when I took the nice from it's cozy little box was its weight and the smooth action. This knife is heavier than my last daily carrier which took me by surprise. After a few moments playing around with it I actually felt like the slightly heavier construction was right. The Cassius knife is well balanced for a small 3" blade. The smooth action is due to the ball bearings contained within the flip mechanism. It is so smooth I was faking my wife out showing her my "switchblade" skills! Previous knives of mine haven't had this smooth action. I am curious to see how it holds up when it is when and grimy which will inevitably happen in my travels!

The Roark Cassius Knife - Adventure Ready or to open your Amazon packages

When I read up on Roark I discovered they are a group of people who are enthusiastic about travel and adventure. They are constantly designing new tools and apparel that suit the lifestyles of those who are like-minded to them. I am confident that the Cassius Knife will bring me many years of adventures cutting everything I need from rope for slinging tarps when a flash rain comes on to stabbing a fresh piece of meat right off the fire. Truth be told though, I will use it mostly for cutting ribbons off presents and opening my wife's Amazon packages! Either way, I am a happy Roark knife owner.

 Where to buy?

You can pick up your own Roark Cassius Knife by visiting:

When shopping with Valhalla Pure Outfitters make sure to sign up for their VPO Adventure Pass so you can earn Adventure Bucks. I used some of mine to purchase this knife. The extra $$ helps when you need some gear!

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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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