Big White Ski Resort 21/22 Season Preview

Like all of you we have been constantly watching the webcams, weather updates, storm predictions all in anticipation of opening day. We got the call to go up and see how things are shaping up for the 2021/22 season so we dusted off our gear and headed up. Although the base is a little less than we would like, the snow is skiing amazing. And the cre...

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Twas the Night Before Ski Season

Twas the night before ski season and all through the hillNot a skier was stirring except some liftie named BillThe skis were waxed and hung in the rack with careDreams that tomorrow no lift lines would be thereThe children nestled all warm in their bedsWhile visions of pow shots danced in their headsAnd momma in her toque and me in my capCan barely...

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The RUX 70L Storage System - More that a fancy bag...or box

You can never really know how a new product will hold up until you can put it through the paces. That means getting out and testing it where it will be used. What I mean is, often times we buy a product for what it can do but use it for much less that that. Take the RUX 70L storage system that I had the opportunity to test on a recent trip. The RUX...

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Don't Loose Your Cool - The Hydro Flask Down Shift Hydration Pack

When I started mountain biking, there were no hydration packs. It was the 90's, we barely had suspension let alone luxurious things like Strava! When it came to water we used to strap as many plastic water bottles to our bikes as we could, stuffing them full of ice in hopes of a cool mid-ride drink. I grew up riding mountain bikes in the South Okan...

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Family Outdoor Activities to do This Spring Break in the Okanagan!

Ahhhhh, Spring Break is upon us here in the Okanagan. Take a long, deep breath of that fresh BC air and think about all the fun things to do in your backyard. If you live here, you know that there is plenty to do, especially outside. If anything, this last year of "new normal" has taught us it is that there are so many places and activities we hadn...

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Field Tested: The Fritschi Tecton 12 and the Salomon S/LAB SHIFT MNC 13

Like many of you, we have been venturing into the backcountry more and more. After a few years of dipping off the backside of local resorts we have now got the backcountry bug and are finding ourselves being drawn towards quite walks up mountains with the promise of awe-inspiring vistas, fresh tracks and less people. But the question has always bee...

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Dreamland at Snowwater Heliskiing

Have you ever had one of those days where you look back and think, "Did that really happen or was it a dream?" I recently had one of those days in the Valhalla range with my friends at Snowwater Heli. The Valhalla's are a magical place. I have had some of my best days ever up there. One this particular day we expected it to be good. Maybe 5-10cms. ...

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1K A little bit of zen.

A little video love of one of our favorite short local trails.   Something about a trail with some flow, a nice tree canopy, and some beautiful weather.  Trail is about 1km from our house and about 1km long. Hence the name. Video credit:  @geoffholman  Website:

Paddleboarding the Blue Waters of Belize

When we were packing for our trip to St. George's Caye Resort a thought occurred to me: I should bring my paddleboard. It is an inflatable SUP so it wouldn't be that difficult to pack my clothes around the gear and get on the plane. My very sensible wife convinced me that the resort had boards available and that I would be able to get on the water ...

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2021 Ski Intro at Big White Ski Resort

It is that time of year again - the time when all the major ski manufacturers descend upon our local hill, Big White Ski Resort. We have been partaking in this ski intro since it began and this year was easily the most attended by ski companies. We were only up for the first day so we tried a few favourites and a few new models and then mostly scan...

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Riding into the Sunset on Knox Mountain

‚ÄčKnox Mountain Park is one of the greatest gifts to the people of Kelowna. I say gift but it was actually sold to the City of Kelowna for $1.00 in 1939. Later in 1967, a large donation was from the Simpson trust was used to pave the road and establish what we now know as Knox Mountain Park. I didn't join the history of this park until 1996 when I m...

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Revival of a 90's mountain biker

I would ride a lot.... in 1998. Sublime and the Tea Party blaring from the CD player, hardtails were King, and my new custom built Fisher with 3 inch Bomber forks was top of the heap. Then, as life does, it moves on. I still stayed active and did tons of stuff outside, but biking took a back seat. The mountain bike was ridden less, and I got a comm...

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Wanna go where the sweetwater is, Wanna go where the air is pure. Out 'neath the sky so big,

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